Don’t just protect your network, protect your business.

We protect the value of your entire business from the cyber threats of today and tomorrow with up to $10 million of insurance coverage.

Cyber insurance reimagined: Introducing the most innovative and comprehensive coverage available.

We found existing cyber insurance policies lacking, so we created our own. Full limits, enhanced business interruption cover, protection from physical cyber attacks, systems integrity coverage (an industry first—only available through Coalition), and more.

3rd Party Liability Coverages
Network & Information Security Liability
Regulatory Defense & Penalties
Multimedia Content Liability             
PCI Fines & Assessments
We cover the expenses to defend you and any damages resulting from your liability to a 3rd party, or for regulatory fines & penalties, multimedia wrongful acts (such as infringement, defamation, piracy, etc.), and PCI fines & assessments resulting from a failure in your security, data breach, or privacy violation.
Bodily Injury & Property Damage - 3rd party
We pay for the costs of defense and damages from your liability to a 3rd party when a failure in your security results in physical damage or injury.
Technology Errors & Omissions
We pay for the costs of defense and damages from your liability to a 3rd party when the failure of your technology service or product is the cause of loss.
1st Party Loss Coverages
Bodily Injury & Property Damage - 1st party
In the event of a security failure (i.e., physical cyber attack), we'll even cover losses resulting from bodily injury or damage/impairment to your tangible property, as well as damages resulting from any liability you may have to a 3rd party, including regulatory fines & penalties and pollution liability.
Systems Integrity Restoration
We cover the costs to replace your computer systems that are permanently impacted by malware.
Fund Transfer Fraud
We pay for funds transfer losses you incur from a failure in your security or social engineering.
Digital Asset Restoration
We pay for the costs to replace, restore, or recreate your digital assets that are damaged or lost following a failure of your security.
Business Interruption & Extra Expenses
We cover financial losses resulting from a failure in your security, data breach, and even systems failure, as well as the extra expenses you incur to bring your company back online.
Cyber Extortion
We cover the costs to respond to an extortion incident, including money, securities, and even virtual currencies paid.
Breach Response
Crisis Management & Public Relations
Reputation Repair
We pay for the costs to respond to a breach including 3rd party incident response and public relations experts, customer notification costs and credit monitoring, media purchases, and legal fees; and advise in connection with the incident, among others.

Included with all policies:

Worldwide Coverage

Protect your data and assets no matter where they happen to be.

Cyber Terrorism

Each of our coverages includes protection from acts of cyber terrorism.

Internet of Things

Coverage for all of your IoT devices is included by default.

Social Media

Coverage for all of your social media accounts is included by default.

Not all insurance policies are equal

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Business Interruption & Extra Expenses
 (see Enhancements below)
Contingent Business Interruption
Funds Transfer Fraud
Sometimes (sublimited)
Cyber Extortion
Systems Integrity Restoration
Bodily Injury & Property Damage
Network & Information Security Liability
Regulatory Defense & Penalties
Multimedia Content Liability
(see Enhancements below)
PCI Fines & Assessments
(no sublimit)
Digital Asset Restoration
 (see Enhancements below)
Breach Response
Crisis Management & Public Relations
 (see Enhancements below)
Pre-claims assistance

We will pay for legal, forensic or IT fees to mitigate an incident or claim, subject to prior approval.  Our security team is also available to work with you to mitigate an incident or claim at any time.

Covers all prior acts
Systems failure
Waiting period
As low as 1 hour
8+ hours
Cost of system upgrades
Reputation Repair
BYOD coverage
Social media / IoT coverage
Cybersecurity apps
Summary only. Please read our Policy for all coverages, terms, exclusions, and conditions.

Coverages FAQ

For more information, or to learn how to insure with Coalition, contact us.

See all of our FAQs

What is cyber insurance?

Cyber insurance (a.k.a. Cyber Liability, Internet Liability, Electronic Media Liability, and Network Security & Information Liability insurance, among other countless monikers) helps companies weather the storm from many technology-based risks that might befall them, including risks associated with a company's information technology infrastructure and activities such as a systems failure event, cyber attack, or data breach.

Cyber insurance also provides coverage for privacy liability events (that is to say, the loss of protected, private information irrespective of whether it is through a hack or simply a misplaced laptop, USB stick, or even file cabinet), as well as for media liability events (for example, if you are accused of defamation, infringement, or other wrongful acts with respects to your website or other electronic media).

Of course, in this day in age, information technology is more likely than not at the center of every business activity. Not to mention, almost every business has an online presence whether that be a website, mobile app, or Facebook page.

This is why we recommend that every business, in every industry, and of every size add cyber insurance to their insurance portfolio.

What does cyber insurance cover?
Coverage provided by cyber insurance policies often include 1st party coverage against losses such as data destruction, extortion, and theft, as well as hacking, ransomware, denial of service attacks, or even systems failure events that cause business interruption losses.

They also frequently include 3rd party liability coverage indemnifying companies for losses to others caused, for example, by errors and omissions in your technology, failure to safeguard data, and multimedia wrongful acts such as defamation, as well as regulatory fines & penalties

Other policy benefits can include coverage for costs related to post-incident breach response and public relations services and the extra expenses to restore the normal operations of your business, among others.

In summary, cyber insurance is designed to cover many forms of loss and liability you could be exposed to in your business' everyday use of technology.

What does cyber insurance not cover?
In general, most cyber policies do not cover intangible damage that you might suffer following a cyber incident. These intangibles are things like:

  • Reputation and brand harm
  • Resulting loss of future revenue (that is to say, loss of revenue or income that extends beyond the business interruption event)
  • Lost value of stolen intellectual property, among others

In addition, all cyber insurance policies include a variety of exclusions to coverage. For example, many cyber insurance policies exclude coverage for property damage, bodily injury, and pollution losses or liability that might result from a physical cyber attack. This probably isn’t a big deal for a lawyer or eCommerce firm, but is of greater concern to an airline, utility, or manufacturer. (Not to worry though, Coalition offers coverage by endorsement for all three of property damage, bodily injury, and pollution).

What does Coalition cover?
We found existing cyber insurance policies lacking, so we created our own. We are proud to offer what, we believe, is the most comprehensive cover for technology risks of all forms.

Whether you buy insurance from us, or any other insurance carrier, we highly recommend that you work with an experienced broker who can help you understand the nuances between policies, and carefully review policy details and coverages. All policies are not created equally.

How long will it take for me to obtain cyber insurance?

Almost no time whatsoever! In most cases your broker can generate a quote in less than 4 minutes. Once you are ready to proceed, your broker can go online and bind coverage (i.e., start coverage) immediately.

Once coverage is bound, you will be asked to electronically sign the online insurance application submitted by your broker during the quotation process. Once this application is signed (and subject to timely payment of the premium amount owed), your insurance policy will be issued and made available to you and your broker in our online dashboard. That’s it, you’re covered!

Do note that, in some cases, requests for quotation may require additional underwriting review. During this review we may request additional information from you in order to process your quote.  To the extent possible, it is our aim to provide quotations to qualifying applicants within 48 hours (subject to the availability of any additional information requested).

Who is covered?

In addition to the company and any majority-owned subsidiaries, our policy covers senior executives and employees as long as their actions are in the normal scope of a company's business operations.

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