About Us

Coalition is the best way for a company to manage cyber risk

We provide free cyber security tools and up to $10M of insurance coverage to forward-thinking companies around the world.

Who we are

Protecting a business from cyber threats is a risk management problem, not a technology problem. Unlike any cybersecurity company, we share our customer’s incentives to prevent and mitigate losses.

Traditional approaches to cyber security are broken, and we’re here to fix it. We care deeply about protecting our clients—the people at Coalition have previously helped start Cloudflare, Lookout, and OpenDNS, countered adversaries in cyberspace at the NSA and CIA, and solved tough engineering problems at Google, Fin and Metromile.


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How to find us

Coalition provides insurance to all 50 states and the District of Columbia. We work from around the country in 4 offices, with many members of the Coalition working remotely from anywhere.
Coalition, Inc.
1160 Battery St., Ste 350
San Francisco, CA 94111