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Coalition Partner Program

Coalition partners with affinity programs, broker platforms, hosting providers, and eCommerce/SaaS platforms to provide our leading cyber insurance and risk management solutions.

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Partner types

Affinity programs

We partner with business and professional associations to provide their members with tailored insurance coverage, special program rates on cyber insurance, and a suite of risk management tools to reduce members’ collective risk.

Broker platforms

Integrate Coalition’s insurance products and rating engine directly into your broking platform using the Coalition APIs. Now you too can quote and bind policy coverage in minutes.

Hosting providers

For hosting providers offering shared, dedicated, cloud, or hybrid hosting environments, Coalition complements your managed services by delivering risk management tools and insurance coverages to your customers while allowing you to generate additional income. Provide your customers peace of mind that their business (and use of your services) is protected in the event of a covered interruption.

eCommerce/SaaS platforms

Coalition’s insurance coverages and risk management tools are ideal for eCommerce sites and Internet-enabled companies of all types. As companies increasingly rely on 3rd party SaaS providers, any interruption in services can have a significant impact on the bottom line. Coalition protects your clients and adds resiliency to their organizations in the event an incident occurs.

Partner FAQ

For more information, or to learn how you can work with Coalition, contact us.

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How can I become a Coalition Partner?

Coalition works with a wide range of partners to deliver innovative cyber insurance and risk management solutions. Whether you are interested in offering or integrating our solutions, or offering your own through the Coalition platform, drop us a note.

Does Coalition offer an API?

Absolutely. We offer a private REST API to our partners who wish to integrate Coalition into their own business systems or online applications. If you’d like early access, drop us a note.

Can I deploy my app on the Coalition platform?

We work with a number of innovative cyber security and technology firms to deliver cutting edge risk management solutions to our policyholders. In many cases, we are able to do so in conjunction with coverage improvements or premium discounts.

If you believe your solution can help us solve cyber risk, drop us a note.

Start building on our insurance API

Simple, REST APIs built for developers.

Coalition’s APIs allow you to incorporate our insurance offerings directly into your own custom offerings and technology platforms.
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